President/Business Manager
Tamara R. Rubyn
(510) 746-5971
Vice President
Cathy Pearson
Secretary-Treasurer/ Business Representative
Kelly Gschwend
(510) 746-5967
Recording Secretary
Rosemarie Boothe-Bey
Sergeant at Arms
Emily Pacheco

Holly Carey

Andrea Johnson         

Lamont Stone

Representative Staff


Emily Pacheco, Business Representative, (510) 746-5963

Jane Bosio, Union Representative, (415) 647-7776 ext.2012   

Natalie Naylor - San Francisco Director of Representation, (415) 647-7776 ext.2015

Organizing Department Maureen Flaherman, Project Organizer
1 888 OPEIU29
Executive Board Members (Correspondence for Executive Board members, Officers, and Pension and Health & Welfare Trustees may be sent in care of the officer to the Local 29 office for referral to the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Special matters for the Executive Board or General membership agenda should be sent to the President/Business Manager. Other items of immediate concern should always be directed to your Business Representative.)
Executive Board Hospital Jacqueline Dew 
Craig Moffitt

Executive Board Insurance

Minnie Chan
Jahmodd deRamus 

Executive Board Miscellaneous Rhonda Fortier-Bourne
Hang Le To
Theo Retos
Pension Trustee Kelly Gschwend
Executive Board Health & Welfare Trustees
Tamara R. Rubyn 
Kelly Gschwend
Cathy Pearson
Office Staff

Lily Muñoz, Executive Secretary/Office Manager, (510) 746-5964

Dee Humburg, Dues Controller, (510) 746-5961
Sarah Paredes, Administrative Assistant, (510) 746-5969
Claudia Cardenas,  Dues Clerk, (510) 746-5975