Who We Are

Joining together in unions is an important way for working people and their families to improve their lives and make their communities stronger. Through unions, workers have a voice on the job and an avenue to equality, fair treatment and economic security. The right to join a union is a basic civil right and a choice that belongs to workers--not their employers.

OPEIU Local 29 is a dynamic, respected labor organization, dedicated to improving the working conditions of office, technical professionals and hospital employees throughout California. We represent nearly 6,000 employees at more than 200 locations. We participated with numerous other labor unions in the country through an unprecedented bargaining process that broke new ground in labor relations and established a model for health care with Kaiser Permanente.

Belonging to OPEIU Local 29 can take the uncertainty out of your conditions of employment. No longer will you have to depend on verbal agreements, vague promises or special favors to get ahead. Members would negotiate your rights and benefits and sign a formal written contract that is legally binding and can be enforced through a grievance procedure, impartial arbitration and the courts, if necessary. Together, employees deal from a position of strength and power, achieving what is beyond the hope of individuals. Benefits such as annual wage increases, defined retirement benefits and other fair and equitable working conditions can be part of a negotiated agreement for all to enjoy.

To finally have your voice heard in the workplace and to find out more about Local 29, please contact a representative at (510) 746.5960. Together we can make a difference!