Pride Parade with San Francisco Labor AFL CIO

Please join working families on June 30th to march in solidarity at the San Francisco Pride Parade.

Sunday, June 30, 2019 at 10 AM – 1 PM PDT

San Francisco Labor Council - 1188 Franklin St, Ste 203, San Francisco, California 94109

OPEIU 29 Returns to the National Bargaining Table

85,000 members of our Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions will resume negotiating our National
Agreement with Kaiser Management starting on April 17-19, 2019 -without preconditions! What
does this mean? It means our actions and our unity is working.

Kaiser illegally refused to bargain with our Coalition unless we signed off on an illegal new
partnership agreement, which would have limited our rights as union members to advocate for our
patients and ourselves. We knew that was wrong and we stood our ground, we stickered up,
picketed, and took legal action.

Our Hard Fought Local Contract Expires in 9 months.

Are You Ready to Do What it Takes to Preserve Your Contract?

Kaiser’s refusal to bargain the National Agreement is a clear indication we need to be fully prepared when our local contract expires on November 3, 2019.

Great Benefits, strong raises, job security, voice on the job. Focus on patient care. All of this could be
weakened or lost if Kaiser Executives have their way. Kaiser will be seeking to strip away what we have
worked so hard for over the years.