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Welcome to the Office and Professional Employees International Union Local 29
OPEIU Local 29 is a dynamic, respected labor organization, dedicated to improving the working conditions of office, technical, professional and health care employees. We represent over 6,000 employees at more than 300 locations.  We participated with numerous other labor unions in the country through an unprecedented bargaining process that broke new ground in labor relations and established a model for health care with Kaiser Permanente. OPEIU 29 and OPEIU 3 membership voted overwhelmingly to approve the merger between the unions effective April 1, 2016.   The merger will continue to model the professional representation and collective bargaining for OPEIU members while advancing and strengthening the members’ economic, social and professional interests.  The merged unions share mutual goals and objectives and recognize the importance of representation, collective bargaining and organizing workers.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.  ~Charles Darwin

Kaiser Permanente’s Profits Soar to Record Level with Release of 2nd-Quarter Earnings

Kaiser Claims Its Employees Make Too Much Even as It Rakes in $5.2 Billion in First Half of 2019

OAKLAND, Calif. – Just days after complaining that $44,000-per-year workers who are among 80,000 Kaiser Permanente employees preparing for a national unfair labor practice strike are paid too much, “non-profit” Kaiser Permanente released its 2nd-quarter earnings showing record profits totaling $5.2 billion for the year.

Kaiser Permanente gets huge tax breaks as a non-profit, meaning that at the same time it is taking in billions in profits it pays no income taxes and virtually no taxes to support schools, parks, roads, bridges, police, fire and other important community needs.

OPEIU 29 Members

Kaiser has directly sent you numerous communications in a desperate attempt to directly negotiate a deal with you on your contract. The attached letter that was sent to Kaiser from the Coalition of Unions that clearly is a request to resume bargaining with the Coalitions Negotiation Team not a small group of union leaders that does not represent all the coalition unions.

OPEIU 29 is scheduling to vote the membership for a strike approval in September. Please watch for updates soon.

Kaiser’s Lost its way, see the recent communications on Kaiser National Bargaining

Kaiser sent an email proposal to the Coalition late Friday evening (7/26/19). The Coalition responded to the Kaiser’s failure to address the issues raised by the Coalition throughout National Bargaining.  A comparison sheet is on the website to show a side-by-side comparison of Kaiser’s regressive proposal.

The Problems with Kaiser’s Divisive and Disrespectful Bargaining Proposals

Kaiser management’s approach to negotiating with our Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions has been chaotic, disrespectful and unlawful. KP illegally walked out of our negotiations over a year ago and only returned when they were indicted by the National Labor Relations Board. Despite repeated requests, they have refused to provide critical information. Instead of formal proposals, they have outlined different “options” on easel paper.

While these various “options” have been confusing, they are all uniformly unacceptable as they seek to divide workers, do not reflect Kaiser’s unprecedented financial success, do not protect our jobs and put our patients at risk.

Kaiser Bargaining Update July 11, 2019

Kaiser Bargaining Update July 11, 2019
Today is the Last day of Kaiser National Bargaining and we do not have an agreement on the most important piece of bargaining, which are economics!!

The climate in negotiations isn’t progressing as we’d like, the 85,000+ coalition members are prepared to strike, if we have to!!

We will forward more information as it becomes available.


Union Rights are Under Attack —We’re Standing Up & Fighting Back!

In this first report, we find that by bargaining together through unions, California workers increase their earnings and have more access to health and retirement benefits, thereby reducing reliance on the state’s public safety net programs.

Key findings include:

  •  Workers covered by a union contract in California earn an average of 12.9% more than their non-union peers with similar ages and educational attainment working in similar industries.
  • Overall, a union contract increases an individual worker’s annual earnings by $5,800, for a combined total of $18.5 billion across California. In low-income regions like the San Joaquin Valley, the difference is more dramatic, increasing a worker’s earnings on average by $7,000 each year.
  • 670,000 more Californians have health insurance through their employer as a result of collective bargaining.
  • 830,000 more Californians are offered a retirement plan by their employer as a result of collective bargaining.

Read the full Report (PDF Format)

How To Keep Our Union Benefits

Open File

A message from the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions

 What we’re fighting for:

We are committed to negotiating the best possible National Agreement that protects all our benefits and
rights and includes economic improvements such as:

  • Strong raises – that are equal across regions
  • Increased pension multiplier and change pension hours
  • No takeaways on health plans
  • KP Washington with full National Agreement
  • Insourcing and the end of subcontracting

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What's New

Reasons Why You Should Appreciate Your Union:

  • Weekends
  • All Breaks at Work, including your lunch Break
  • Paid Vacation
  • FMLA
  • Sick Leave

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OPEIU 29, in coordination with Union Retirement Solutions, is offering a free Retirement Evaluation. For the past 25 years, Union Retirement Solutions, your provider of Retirement Solutions, Insurance Services and Estate Planning, has been dedicated to providing union families with solutions for both asset protection and wealth creation. read more ...


Rising Stars Registration

Who are the L29 Rising Stars? 
OPEIU 29 Rising Stars have joined together to build a movement of young union workers 35 and under that are dedicated to educate and inform each other. The Rising Stars are the future of the union. 

OPEIU 29 Rising Stars have created a working committee to inform young workers about the union as it is today and to share strategies of where the union is going in the future. They have established a website where hundreds of young workers share information throughout the country. 

 For more information please call (510) 746.5960.

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